About the Campfire Boyz Foundation

The Campfire Boyz foundation was conceived in the spring of 2011 by Steve Rishel and Bill MacDonald. The foundation is a music project dedicated to raising prostate cancer awareness.

We released our first album, Teeny Weeny Cowboy Martini, at our second annual Rodeo in September 2012. The music is 100% original and all net proceeds go to funding prostate cancer research and awareness programs.

To date, we’ve raised thousand’s of dollars toward finding a cure and we’re just getting started.

The Campfire Boyz isn’t just a foundation, it’s a band of prostate cancer warriors.

Mission Statement

We have a single mission, to wage all out war against prostate cancer. But we’re not doing battle in the usual way, our weapons are music and laughter.

Foundation Beneficiaries

Our goal is to raise funds to support a variety of programs related to prostrate cancer:

  • Directly support men who are in treatment
  • Increase prostrate cancer awareness
  • Promote screening and early detection
  • Prostrate cancer research aimed at finding a cure

We also offer a unique community site open to all who are interested in prostrate cancer.

  • Our Open Forums are publicly available forums
  • Our Community forums are only available to members

Whether you are starting your journey, have survived the journey, know someone on the journey or just supportive of those who have or are facing prostrate cancer, you are welcome to join the Campfire Boyz Community.

Meet our Board of Directors

Bill MacDonald

Bill MacDonald, Director/Founder

Bill is a co-founder of the Campfire Boyz Foundation and a northwest real estate broker. Bill is also a prostate cancer survivor.

Tom Kemp

Tom Kemp, Director

Tom is a Corporate Account Manager for a prominent IT company. He brings a wealth of audio engineering experience and musical talent to the foundation.

Mike DuBeau

Mike DuBeau, Director

Mike is an attorney and a prolific songwriter. Mike’s the guy responsible for getting our non-profit corporation organized is the State of Washington and pushing our 501(c)(3) application through the IRS log jam.

In Memoriam

Steve Rishel

Steve Rishel, Chairman/Founder

Steve was Chairman and co-founder of the Campfire Boyz Foundation. He was an executive for a northwest software company.

Steve succumbed to prostate cancer October 29, 2014.